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JOb Site Safety Protection

We select qualified indiviuals to work hand in hand with contractors to develope and maintain a safe work area. AUS flaggers assist in roadside workzone set up and safety. All flaggers are trained in thier field. 

Storm Response

Damage assessment with highly qualified individuals, Crew Guides, Down Wire Watchers, Bird dogs.

Utility Services
Consulting, Safety Inspectors, Training services
Both Union and Non-Union Services
WBE Certified


Oftentimes people can forget the first line of defense when keeping a work zone safe. Flagging operations are too often overlooked in our industry and can lead to undesirable results. Keeping your work zone protected and safe starts with a good plan.
Incorporating flaggers into your day to day work zone protection plan significantly increases your chances of a zero injury day.

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Created by workers of the industry, Advanced Utility Solutions understands what it takes to create a safe work environment. We know what it takes to get a job done and most importantly we know what it means to have everyone make it home safe.

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We have got the experience for your traffic control needs.

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We want you to leave work in better condition than when you came!
Our flaggers are expertly trained in creating a safer work zone by understanding the tasks at hand and communicating with the all crew members.

PPE plays a vital role in creating a safe work environment and our employees are supplied with PPE to face any situation.

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